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How can you prove that your product parts comply with industry and client standards?

When it comes to establishing your products, either locally or internationally, you need to prove that your product parts comply with your client’s technical requirements. Plus, to increase competitive edge, you need to protect merchants, processors and manufacturers against the risk of using a non-conforming product. You will also need to protect yourself against the risk of using non-conforming materials during manufacturing. Materials testing is the answer.

Materials testing is performed for a variety of reasons:

  • Product and/or process trials
  • Impact of input material quality on final product quality and yield losses
  • Product development
  • Process control
  • Defect detection and root cause identification
  • Quality control and certification of final product, including EN 10204 3.2 certification by AIA
  • Characterization of corrosion products and root cause analysis
  • Surface coating testing for composition, quality and thickness
  • Qualification of welding processes and welders
  • Third-party assessment of client and supplier disputes
  • Establishing the root cause of in-service failures
  • Load testing and deflection under load

As a result of the wide range of applications and materials standards that need to be cross-referenced with testing standards, a high-level of expertise is required. That is why you need a reliable materials testing partner with the relevant experience and resources.

The comprehensive materials testing laboratory

In South Africa, SGS provides a dedicated, state-of-the-art materials testing laboratory. We offer destructive and non-destructive testing for a variety of materials.

Our testing laboratory is an ISO 17025 accredited facility, providing dimensional assessment, metallurgical assessment,  mechanical, physical, chemical, hardness, metallographic and corrosion testing of materials. We also offer non-destructive testing and simulated heat treatment of samples prior to laboratory testing.

Our team of six metallurgical engineers and several technicians have extensive knowledge of materials testing and certification, production and product quality control, post-production treatment, material and testing standards and establishing conformance. They can assist with metallurgical support and advise you on which tests or assessments are required to prove or determine conformance. They can also help you with the interpretation of results, recommending corrective measures and quality assurance or control. 

Our services include:

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT):  we offer magnetic particle testing, X-ray testing, dye penetration testing and ultrasonic testing of samples. Surface roughness and coating thickness are also measured
  • Sample preparation: our dedicated workshop and machine shop prepare samples in accordance with the material and testing standard requirements
  • Chemical analysis: we offer complete chemical analysis of iron, steel, aluminium, nickel and copper based metals. We also determine the chemical composition of corrosion products, surface coatings or deposits
  • Mechanical and hardness testing: we provide tensile testing (room and elevated temperature), impact testing, load testing, hardness testing techniques, bend testing, flattening, flaring, push-out/pull-out, fillet fracture, through thickness and buckle testing
  • Macro assessments of welds: we can determine the integrity of welds by preparing and assessing the quality of macros prepared from the welds. Hardness testing profiles and leakage path measurements can be established
  • Metallurgical testing: we assess various ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic products.  We provide metallographic  assessments, such as (de)carburisation depth, microstructure, internal cleanliness, grain size, delta ferrite counts, etc.  We also offer comprehensive metallurgical investigations into in-service failures or product non-conformances 
  • Corrosion testing: corrosion properties of materials are verified by performing intergranular corrosion tests to various ASTM and ISO standards
  • Salt spray testing: we can determine the behaviour or materials when being exposed to a neutral salt environment
  • Witnessing: we can arrange for a third-party inspection body to witness sampling, sample preparation and testing on your behalf. Your appointed inspection body representatives may also attend and witness the testing by prior arrangement
  • Production quality testing: we offer a range of testing, including EN 10204 3.2 certification, third-party testing and resolution of customer and supplier disputes
  • SEM analysis
  • Pressure testing of pipes/tubes
  • Sulphur printing of samples or welds

On-site testing

We can provide you with a wide range of services for on-site testing, including:

  • Determination of chemical composition by means of portable OES
  • Hardness testing (rebound and UCI)
  • Ferrite count
  • Metallurgical replication of microstructures
  • Macro etching

SGS Metlab

SGS Metlab is the preeminent metallurgical testing laboratory in Southern Africa. We have a long history of providing destructive and non-destructive metallurgical testing and are renowned for our replication, hardness and chemical test technicians, as well as our ability to conduct specialized testing on client sites. SGS Metlab serves the heavy engineering, power engineering, testing and inspection, heat transfer, piping and tubing, steel mill and steel fabrication industries.

To find out more about how our materials testing laboratory can help you, contact us today.